The 3 Month Incubator Schedule

What to Expect

Our Business Builder Cycle runs for 3 months.  During these 3 months we will have group zoom workshops by world renowned guests, networking events, and milestone targets for our technology team.    Below you will find our monthly business goals and our rotation of zoom workshop topics. 

Month one

Strong Foundation

If you want to create a business that makes a difference in this world, you need a strong foundation.  By the end of the first month you will have gained the mindset to take on any challenge, have your business plan and vision clearly defined to gain funding, and a plan of implementation. 

Month Two

Building a Brand

Month two will see your vision come alive.  By the end of this month you will see your logo and brand identity, website designed and online for the world to see, and social media accounts ready to spread your earth positive business idea to the world.   

Month Three

Let’s Make Sales

Your final month of the business builder has come and now it’s time to make some sales!  You’re going to learn how content creates sales, how to utilize social media to gain a loyal following, and you’re going to learn how to fuel your movement to create change. 

Group Zoom Sessions 

The group zoom sessions are a must if you want to create a world changing company.  Each week we will be featuring different speakers who specialize in their skill.  We will be discussing everything from creating your brand, to gaining financing & investors, to building a team, to selling your products and everything in between.

Foundations Sessions

Gaining Traction 

Scale & Impact

We Require Dedication

We will be taking care of much of the technical features required to turn your idea into reality, but you will have to have dedication and drive to complete your assignments.  Each week you will be given online lessons with assignments that will need to be done that week.   These lessons will give you an amazing foundation to take your idea to the next level.  Are you ready to watch your dream come alive?