Drone Photography

Thanks to the advancement of drones, we now have the ability to take that amazing shot you used to need to take from a helicopter.

Drone Photography In Vancouver, British Columbia

Think about what you can do with a drone!  Any picture you can take from a helicopter or plane can now be taken within 20 minutes by our drone pilots.  Think of it like one of those little race cars you could drive around with a controller, now give it the ability to fly and stick an amazing camera on it!

We are full-blown techies, so we made sure we bought one of the best drones available on the market by the number 1 manufacturer.   They can hover at a foot above the surface or fly 5km in the sky!  Our drones are ready to take 4k videos for a perfect cinematic experience, high-definition pictures for your marketing material, or even panoramic pictures of the horizon.  Plus, they fit in the palm of your hand and only weight 1lb, so there’s no need to get approval from the local authorities in most instances.

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This must be expensive

Not at all!  All it takes is a drone pilot and batteries, and we are good to go!  There are no extreme flying regulations in most cases because the drone is only 1lb.   Plus we love what we do, so we’ll always find a way to get in the sky to take that amazing picture or video for you.

What Can Drones Do?

The world is limitless with drones and Web Limitless Technologies.  Here are some examples of work we can do:

  • Wedding photos and videos from those impossible angles and heights.
  • Shots of golf courses, resorts, and hotels.
  • Pictures for realtors to give them an advantage on MLS.

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