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How to Change Your Video Resolution On The Osmo Mobile 2

Here are some step by step details on how to change your resolution when filming on the Osmo Mobile 2.  I am currently running on Version 3.1.50 on an iPhone 8.  

Step 1:


The first step is to locate the gear icon.


Go into the DJI Go app and connect to your Osmo Mobile 2.


Next ensure that you are in the video mode and not the camera mode.

Then find the settings gear.  It could be at the top right or at the bottom left, but may be different depending on what device you are on.  In this screenshot it’s the icon in the top right.


Step 2

Click the Camera Button.

The next step is to find the Camera button.  I’m assuming it should be the first item on each device, but who knows with some devices… there are so many! 

Step 3

Click Video Resolution.

This is where your quality settings are, the option to reset the camera settings, and zoom sensitivity.  Click the Video Resolution.

Step 4:

Choose Your Setting.

Now we should be on the Video Resolution settings.  Your options might be a little different than mine.  

I hope that helped


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