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Internet Marketing In Vancouver, British Columbia

This is what we live for!  We love Internet Marketing! It’s like a fun video game to all of us.  Competing on who can create a better following and you wake up each morning to see how many followers you gained.  Literally, some of us traded in The Sims game and became addicted to social media!   Currently, most of us are addicted to Instagram and find that it’s yielding the best return on investment.  But this all depends on your business. 

We work with any budget at all or can guide you in the right direction for free, so send us an email and we’ll send you some ideas we have that are targeted for your business.  

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Is Marketing Necessary When you Have a Website?

Your website will never be seen if you don’t market it or do everything you can to improve its search engine ranking.  The world is constantly changing and Google is always changing its algorithims, so make sure you choose someone who keeps up with current trends. 

Is Social Media Necessary?

It’s 2018 and is absolutely necessary if you want to create a brand or a successful company that you get involved in all social media platforms that are relevant to your company.  You can do a lot yourself for free if you’re on a tight budget or you can get us to grow it at an insane rate.  

It’s very important that you know that Yellow Pages are just outdated these days and don’t do the trick.  You need a presence online that the world can trust and by being active on social media does that for you.  

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