Testing Out VooPlayer for the first time

AppSumo offers some amazing deals and this Black Friday is no different. I’ve picked up 3 of the programs they offer and they have all lived up to the hype. VooPlayer is amazing and there’s an embedded YouTube video I made above. Then I also purchased Lemlist, Plutio, and Social Bee.

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Edit Social Icons with CSS

Finding Your CSS Code to Change Navigate to your website.  Now find the social icon you're wanting to change.  Right click on it and select "inspect" (the wording may be different depending on your browser).  The code will pop up on the left.  Click the drop down...

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Customizing The Complete Woocommerce Layout

Woocommerce and Divi together just doesn't look amazing and is pretty limited.  This tutorial will show you how to customize the overall woocommerce layout. 1st - I suggest downloading - Simple Custom CSS and JS - https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/ -...

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Stop Your Website From Showing White Space on The Right Side

Have you run into this issue? You've made your website, now all of a sudden there's this white space on the side! It shouldn't be able to be scrolled left and right, IT'S ONLY SUPPOSED TO GO UP AND DOWN! Here's a quick video showing what I mean, then I'll show you how...

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