Complete Website Monitoring Service

Introduction Having an online presence is a must in today's world.  Customers won't trust a company that is not online anymore, but there are many time-consuming factors to consider when being online.  These factors include search engine ranking monitoring, being on...

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Where to Learn some Great SEO Skills for FREE! Free SEO Training

SEO can be a rather hefty cost and for brand new businesses, it’s not always feasible. We have compiled a list of our favourite websites to learn very useful skills to boost your website higher on Google and find new customers! The list will change from time to time as we add new courses and delete outdated ones.

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Changing Slider Image

Step 1 : Find the field that is marked as “Slider” and click the 3 lines in the dark grey box Step 2: Click the 3 lines in the slide that you want to change. Step 3: Click “upload an image” and find the image you would like to put there. Please Note: It will be...

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Managing Bookings

Please Note:  This is only available if you purchased the booking add on.  Please contact us for details Sign In - Go to the url yourdomain/wp-admin and login with the credentials given to you in your email. Step 1 - Click "Booking Calendar" on the left Step 2 - Click...

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Event Management

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to add events and view your bookings in the Event Management Add On

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Change Your Password

To keep our websites safe we need to change our passwords periodically. Here are the steps on how you chance your password.

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