Edit Social Icons with CSS

Finding Your CSS Code to Change Navigate to your website.  Now find the social icon you're wanting to change.  Right click on it and select "inspect" (the wording may be different depending on your browser).  The code will pop up on the left.  Click the drop down...

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Customizing The Complete Woocommerce Layout

Woocommerce and Divi together just doesn't look amazing and is pretty limited.  This tutorial will show you how to customize the overall woocommerce layout. 1st - I suggest downloading - Simple Custom CSS and JS - https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/ -...

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Customizing Woocommerce Checkout Page with CSS

Woocommerce has its limitations if you are not a hardcore coder, but with some simple CSS we can make it look a little bit different! We are going to look at changing the "Checkout Page" around a bit and giving it a little nicer look. *** This has been tested on Divi...

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Initiate Divi’s Mobile Menu Button on Bigger Screens

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your menu overlaps into two rows and your logo doubles in size?
By just adding the simple CSS snippet below you can have users see the mobile menu sooner. All you have to do is adjust max-width to whatever you would like

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Making Your SubMenu Full Width with Divi Theme

One minor downside with divi theme is the submenus.  Mega menus are pretty cool, but what if you just want a full width submenu like this? To create a full width submenu with divi theme just add the following CSS .nav li ul { position: fixed; width: 100%; left:0px; }...

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