Do It Yourself Digital Garden Plans

Our organic gardeners will create a Personalized Gardening Plan so you can eat healthy and spend some time in the great outdoors! 

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How It Works

One of the most difficult things about gardening is gaining the knowledge you need to grow organically and year round, successfully.  We’ve got you covered! 

We work with local organic gardeners who will develop a digital garden plan for your location and your preferences. 

Want a garden that can provide delicious green smoothies year round?  How about a garden bed so you have a salad buffet in your backyard?  We’ve got the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction no matter what you’re looking for!  


Organic Gardens with Limitless Potential

We believe that backyard organic gardens have the ability to change the world.   It’s a bold statement, but see how growing without the use of chemicals will reshape the world we leave for future generations.

Healthy Food For Less

Growing organically doesn’t only benefit your health, it also benefits your wallet.  When you use organic methods of gardening, you don’t need expensive chemicals!

Improve Soil Health

When growing organically you help improve the soil.  This benefits your health, improves carbon capture, and each year your crop production will become better!

Local Produce

Having a grocery store in your backyard means less transportation.  Did you know that the average piece of produce travels 2500km in Canada? Growing in your backyard means fresh and good for the environment!

Environmental Protection

Less travel time means less fuel used. On top of that, your garden also has the amazing potential to pull carbon out of the air and store it in the soil. When growing with organic methods you will be helping the environment.

Support Your Local Food Banks

While fully utilizing our DIY garden plan you can save an average of $500 worth of organically grown produce each month! For many households, this leaves excess amounts of food that you can donate to those in need.

Support Your Local Gardeners

We have joined up with an amazing team at Limitless Growth, helping connect gardeners with gardens.

Your Platform To Sustainability

Once we have your digital DIY Garden Plan made up you can have us transfer it directly to Limitless Growth for no cost and they’ll waive the design fee!

Effortless Gardening

The Limitless Growth Platform makes gardening easier than ever.  You’ll receive a dedicated local organic gardener who can take care of the entire gardening process from seed to harvest! 

Like a Lawn Maintenance Plan, But Better!

Pay one low monthly fee that is comparable to lawn maintenance plans, but receive an average of $500 of organically grown groceries each month! 

Making an Impact

The larger the platform becomes the bigger the impact!  Imagine 1000 homes that are donating excess organic produce to food banks, now imagine millions all around the world.    

The Next Step

Are you ready to grow your own organic food, save money, and help the world?

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Time to Design

We’ll send you a short questionnaire to better understand your requirements and what you’re hoping to get out of your garden.  These questions will then be forwarded to a local organic gardener who will customize a plan specifically for you!

Time to Grow

Now that you have your design, it’s time to implement it!  We have links for everything you’ll need so you can build your own garden or have us transfer the designs to Limitless Growth for effortless gardening!

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Designs will be made in mid-late January 2021.

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