Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to make the website look good we have to have high resolution images.  So please submit images that are at least 1200px wide and that don’t look pixellated.
  2. Any additional services not included will be billed before hand.
  3. 3 revision requests included.  Extras will be charged at $50/ request. This is the entire request to change a layout, so be sure to put every single detail in the support ticket or email.  Examples of this would be as follows.
    • The original draft is done and you don’t like the colors.  You then reply back by saying you would like the blue replaced by green.  You later on decide you want a thicker font and send a separate request.  This is 2 revision requests as it was sent in two separate emails / support tickets.

    • The original draft is done and you send in a request as follows: I would like the blue replaced by green, a thicker title font, the regular font needs to be bigger, the top image needs to be of a rainbow, and I would like a contact form on the bottom of each page.  This is 1 revision request as it is in one email / support ticket.

  4. While in development, when communication is very important, if we do not hear from you for 30 days the website will be deleted off of the server and your purchase will be void.  A new purchase would then be necessary to continue.
  5.  Phone support will be billed at $30/hour.  Email support is always included.
  6. Outstanding invoices must be paid before work is continued.
  7. When hosting fees are in arrears over 14 days your website will be offline until the invoice is paid.
  8. All websites must be hosted on our servers unless previously agreed upon in writing.
  9. The fee to transfer your website to a different web hosting company, if you choose to do so down the line, is $50.  This is due to the time it takes to transfer the database and files over.
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