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Web Limitless has made the switch to VooPlayer thanks to AppSumos 2018 Black Friday Deals!

AppSumo offers some amazing deals and this 2018 Black Friday is no different.  I’ve picked up 4 of the programs they offer and they have all lived up to the hype.  VooPlayer is amazing and there’s an embedded YouTube video I made above.  Then I also purchased Lemlist, Plutio, and Social Bee.

Now let’s get into what I think!



This is incredible so far.  You just input a YouTube Video link into the backend of VooPlayer, adjust the settings you want to change, and embed the code.  There’s no YouTube or VooPlayer branding at all and it’s working great!

Or you can upload a video of yours directly to VooPlayer.  There’s a lot of neat features on it including a funnel, gathering email addresses, and even paying to watch the rest of the video.  It does come with 5GB, so you may want to stack deals if you think you will need more.

I am running this website on WordPress with the Divi theme and there have been no issues so far



I’m in love with this one too!  You can set up A/B testing for your email campaigns and directly email the new potential customer within the Lemlist website.  It runs very smooth and so far I haven’t run into any issues with emails landing in the junk mail!

I’ve been using this steadily for 3 days now.  The email templates seem to be doing the job with getting responses and the memes are pretty funny.  Overall it’s worth it to pick up this one at the AppSumo 2018 Black Friday event


Social Bee

This one is not bad for the $50 one-time payment.  The customer support has been amazing so far.  I now have 85 pre-scheduled posts for Instagram.  I have an RSS feed running to constantly gather content for Twitter and we are rolling!

There may be better expensive systems out there, but this one is great for the price point, the customer service outmatches the competition, and they’re getting better!




Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to play with Plutio yet, but so far it seems pretty awesome.  It seems like a Trello Version 2.0.

A really easy to use interface, and seems very quick and responsive.  I’ll update you when I’ve played around with it more.

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  1. Jane

    I just bought Social Bee and it’s great! I love AppSumo


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